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Raising Funds to Improve Experiences

Every school has a wishlist and backlog of overdue improvements. Parents at Bellevue Schools have a rich history of supporting supplemental staff and student activities to enhance school experiences through PTSA fundraising.

However, often one of the hardest things to do is to actually ask for money. During the 2022-23 school year I've served as the fundraising chair for International School's PTSA. After 2 years of depressed PTSA finances due to the pandemic, it became apparent to me that the PTSA needed to refocus its fundraising efforts.

When the year started our budget projected drawing down PTSA savings by $16,000 to cover projected expenses. After hosting a community celebration and auction with more than 160 attendees we were able to exceed fundraising targets. Instead of drawing down savings, the PTSA was able to increase grants, funding 2 major purchases, enhance support to a Senior Class that missed critical student fundraising opportunities due to Covid, and not only avoid dipping into the PTSA rainy day fund but actually grow the PTSA savings for future years.

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